Traveling to Las Vegas to marry my Alien, 1997 – note Greyhound bus lights in background!

    Angela Nicoară grew up in communist Romania, and has lived and worked in twenty countries around the world.

    A former broadcast journalist and media manager, she is based in the mountains of Transylvania with her favourite alien, five cats, two dogs, and the occasional bear.

    Photo by Cosmin Bumbutz

    Mike Ormsby was born in Ormskirk, England. He is the author of `Child Witch Kinshasa` and `Child Witch London` (2014), a two-part novel set in Congo and the UK. His short story collection, `Never Mind the Balkans, Here`s Romania` (2008), prompted Romanian critics to dub him `our British Caragiale`, after their beloved Victorian-era satirist.

    `Spinner the Winner` (2012), Mike`s book for children, has been translated into French, Serbian, Spanish, and Romanian. His screenplay `Hey, Mr DJ` (2007) was filmed in Kigali and topped the bill at Rwanda`s first Hillywood Film Festival. His script `Enfants dits Sorciers` was filmed in Kinshasa (2002).

    A former BBC journalist/World Service trainer, Mike is based in a mountain village in Transylvania, where he and his wife Angela Nicoară have lived for five hundred years.

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