Child Witch Kinshasa


By Mike Ormsby

What if our best effort turns into our worst nightmare?

In this colorful and humorous travelogue, a little faith goes a long way.

When a hardworking French priest in the Congo tells an agnostic British journalist: “God is the best we can be”, he unleashes a chain of dramatic events that will resonate from Kinshasa to Kingston-upon-Thames.

Rising to the ethical challenge, journalist Frank befriends twelve-year-old Dudu – a homeless Congolese boy accused of sorcery – and promises to help him return to his family.

But streetwise Dudu is nobody`s fool. Their unlikely partnership disintegrates with profound consequences for them both – and for Frank`s wife and kids waiting in the UK.

The story continues in `Child Witch London`.

“Ormsby is a keen observer – Child Witch Kinshasa is fiction, but barely. If you liked ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ by Barbara Kingsolver, then ‘Child Witch Kinshasa’ is for you.” Mail & Guardian, Johannesburg.

“Kudos to Ormsby for writing a sweeping novel that is a great read but which also helps us understand important, strange realities of our broad, complex world. “ Tony Gambino, former USAID Mission Director for DR Congo.

“I`ve been in the DRC for more than three years with UNICEF working on child issues, but reading this book has opened my eyes. The way Ormsby tackles the subject is unique. It reminds me of Faulkner. A real piece of literature, a real piece of art.” Ndiaga Secke, Goma, Congo.

“A page-turner. A very believable cast of colourful characters on all sides of the frontline during the Congolese war, and some spot-on observations of UN peacekeeping – not always flattering. The story line may seem almost unbelievable to the uninitiated but I can vouch for the attention to detail and plausibility.” David Smith (founding director of the UN`s Radio Okapi network in DR Congo).

“A gripping tale. Mike Ormsby is to be congratulated for capturing the craziness and parallel realities of life in Congo, while maintaining the sense of fun that is key to survival for Congolese and ex-pats alike – no mean feat. Mike’s analysis of how evangelical churches have cast blame on children, to explain misery, is also spot on.” Simon Lawson (former Country Director, Search for Common Ground, DR Congo).

“Gives profound insights into three very different ways of life: the incomprehensible bureaucracy of international charity work; the difficulty of bringing up kids in the UK; and the life of a street kid in one of Africa`s most screwed up nations. This tricky issue is handled deftly. The novel is peppered with Mike Ormsby`s cynical Scouse humor and never gets boring.” – Huffington Post

“The exotic sounds, smells and sights of the Congo bring Child Witch vividly to life. It`s a compelling story built around strong characters in a world that makes readers question their own beliefs and motives.” – Liverpool Echo

“Excellent. Excellent. I loved this funny, adventurous, and heartwarming book. Ormsby writes with humor, sensitivity and empathy, from personal experience. For any reader craving good fiction, more than simple entertainment. Highly recommended.” – Tracy A. Fischer, Readers` Favorite

Publisher: Nicoaro Books

Available in: Paperback, Mobi

ISBN: 1479285129

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