Child Witch London


By Mike Ormsby

What if our best effort turns into our worst nightmare?

In this colorful and humorous travelogue, what you see is not what you get, but a little faith goes a long way.

Child Witch London is the second part of this two-volume novel, where friendship and fear collide in the peaceful setting of suburban UK.

Frank returns to England from Congo. His cosy routine spins out of control, family life implodes, and tragedy strikes. Is it bad luck or black magic? Retribution by sorcery for betraying Dudu, the homeless street kid he befriended in Kinshasa?

“Mike Ormsby has very successfully depicted the prejudices that quickly come to the surface when life becomes challenging, and how easy it is to judge others based on old world views. I became so emotionally attached to Dudu`s story that I miss him, and hope that we haven`t heard the end of his adventures.” Hayley Crawshaw

“A worthy sequel and a thoroughly enjoyable read. The kind where you really wish your journey was delayed and you could read another chapter before reaching your destination. Full of ups and downs. I`m a bloke but I don`t mind saying I had a lump in my throat at one point.” Dirk

“The story is engaging, with wry portraits of characters that feel real because of their flaws. The book grapples with the gap between wanting to do good and actually doing it – a struggle in our everyday lives, but also a metaphor for the projects of international aid agencies and NGOs.” Nathan D Gunsch

“Once again everything is not as it seems, with the great cultural clash flipped on its head.” Urbananchorite

“A great look at different cultures showing the emotions of the individuals. It seemed scarily realistic.” Pam Opolsky

“The characters are very complex and convey their feelings in a realistic way, so I came to regard them as real people. Also the author`s humour made me relax, and smile from time to time.” Olga Ananie

“Brilliant plot with an unexpected twist at the end. Dudu is such an extraordinary character. Strongly recommend the book!” Maria Carla

Publisher: Nicoaro Books

Available in: Paperback, Mobi

ISBN: 1479285145

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