Loving An Alien


By Angela Nicoară

This is a book about love.
The long and bumpy road to love.
The hurdles we must jump for love.
The mountains we move, and the arrows we take, for love.

If you’ve ever fallen into the sea of love, so deeply you feared you might drown,
this is for you.
If you’re lost in the endless desert of love, this is for you.
If you don’t belong because of love, this is for you.

In the pages that follow, you’ll read of passionate affairs that transcend the petty boundaries of country and culture.

Some of these tales might make you laugh; some might break your heart. I hope and believe that they will all inspire you, as they have inspired me.

You’ll learn about brave women from all over the world who dared to be different and follow their heart despite the odds.

Yes, I fell in love with an alien who landed on my planet without warning. Our life together hasn’t always been easy, but I’m glad we met. You’ll find our story here. Some friends and strangers shared theirs. Our world awaits you.

If you`ve never experienced true love, this is for you, because you will.

Publisher: Nicoaro Books

Available in: Paperback and Mobi


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