Spinner The Winner


By Mike Ormsby

Spinner the Winner is a superbly illustrated storybook for children aged 5 – 11, by former BBC journalist Mike Ormsby. It helps parents to introduce `renewable energy` in a fun way. 65 pages; read-aloud time: 30 minutes.

Story: A little wind turbine is separated from his family, develops a squeak and is vandalized. But when a nasty storm plunges the nearby town into blackout, he saves the day and wins lots of new friends. A tale of triumph over adversity, this is eco-tainment for a young family.

“This delightful children’s book is beautifully illustrated and tells the story of a little wind turbine dealing with the trials and tribulations of life along with the debate about wind energy. The characters come to life quickly and all ends well, with some gentle leg-pulling of authority along the way, which primary age children would really enjoy. Perfect for introducing some social and environmental concepts, along with an emphasis on kindness and family.” Sarah Hoss

“This is one of those kids` books likely to create memories for both the parent and the child. Every time you drive by a windmill, you might be inclined to think of Spinner the Winner. When my children were young, we had conversations about Thomas the Tank Engine every time we saw a train. Same thing. It has all of the elements of a great children`s story: snappy writing, memorable characters, fine illustrations and tension. Children will be able to identify with Spinner`s emotions.” Amazon Customer

“As a journalist who covers the environment, I`m thrilled to see Spinner the Winner. I grew up an avid reader, and I remember vividly the stories I memorized as a young child. But these are different times, and today`s kids need different stories. It`s a real trick to introduce youngsters to the pressing problems our planet faces without turning them (or their parents) off. Spinner the Winner effectively informs while keeping the story lively and entertaining… and with fantastic artwork. If more kids learned about real issues through books like this, we might not have such divisiveness in adulthood.” KJC

“Mike Ormsby clearly tackles the problem head on with this delightful story that puts Spinner in the hearts of young and old. This is a book I always look forward to reading with my children.” Paul-Andre Baran

“Entertaining book for children with an educational element. Great for buying for a home collection, or to include in school libraries or curriculum. I`d suggest buying it together with the coloring book so that children can take part in the creative process while working through it!” Laurel Taruli, Librarian, Sacred Heart School, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Spinner the Winner’ is also available in Spanish, Serbian, and Romanian translations.
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Publisher: Nicoaro Books

Available in: Paperback, and Audible Audio Edition

ISBN: 1478284269

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